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A few odds and ends that don't belong any where else.


Oddjob doesn't support transactions across several jobs. Given Oddjobs intended use of running batch files, copying files etc. transactions don't really apply. As the breadth of job coverage increases to include EJB invocations and JMS support, then transaction support will probably be included.

In the mean time, if you want transactions within jobs maybe consider including Spring or another transaction supporting framework within Oddjob. Thus getting the best of the control and monitoring from Oddjob and transactions and other features from the other framework.


Oddjob comes with a number of Servlets that allow Oddjob to run in an application container and provide a JSF web front end to allow the jobs in the Oddjob servlet to be monitored and controlled.

The OddjobServlet can be used without the web front end if just job scheduling is required.

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