Oddjob 1.2 Released

It’s done! That line in the sand has been drawn. Oddjob 1.2 is out.

What New

The important stuff has been blogged about already, here’s where:

  • Improved Designer User Interface here and here.
  • Property improvements in Oddjob here.
  • JMX enhancements here.

The release notes (README.txt) cover the detail. Many of the changes in 1.2 only apply to the writers of Oddjob jobs and services – so, erm, that’s probably just me then! One such feature is synthetic annotations – this is the ability to use the job meta-data found in the arooa.xml to provide annotation information. So instead of:

	public void goodbye() {
		System.out.println("You never loved me!");

Which introduces a dependency on the Oddjob jar into the job, you can have:

<arooa:descriptor xmlns:arooa="http://rgordon.co.uk/oddjob/arooa">
    <arooa:bean-def element="my-component"
        <arooa:annotation name="org.oddjob.arooa.life.Destroy"
          method="goodbye" />

Which doesn’t.

One final feature worth mentioning is that Oddjob’s Input Job now also supports a file chooser:

InputJob File Chooser

I hope you enjoy using Oddjob 1.2. Any question or bugs the please use the Sourceforge forum.